3D design process, laser cut parts, highest manufacturing standards.

Precision, quality, durability.

We have a strong experience in bespoke cover and canvas work for boats and for various outdoor applications. We had the opportunity to deliver some great work to various cruising and racing boats from dinghies to 100+ foot sailing yachts.

We are particularly specialised in developing and manufacturing racing boat accessories. Our biggest and proudest project so far has been to work with Hugo Boss / Alex Thomson Racing for 10 months for the preparation of the 2016/17 Vendée Globe. IKTUS WINGS' mission was to custom make all sorts of bags, pockets, covers, lee-cloths, beds, seats, webbing strops... Pretty much all stitched objects on the boat, apart from the sails, has been made by us...

These projects are complex and very demanding, pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible to do with a piece of cloth and a sewing machine. But they gave us the edge to tackle any future challenge on our path.

Further down the page are some examples of our work. We can offer services from single accessory to full-time, on site work for your cruising/racing project with our machines and materials or yours. Do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiries.